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Ideas and inspiration

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Posted on Wed, Feb 7, 2007 at 09:29 IST (last updated: Wed, Jul 16, 2008 @ 20:29 IST)

I must confess that after writing a series of articles over a period of time, I usually run dry on ideas. When ideas dry up, it's time to scratch the bottom of the barrel in the hope of finding a worthy subject to blog about. To be honest, I'm now scratching it in the hope of finding some inspiration. But in reality, I find that inspiration, wit or humour cannot be forced. It has to come naturally. When it doesn't, I usually get stuck on the first sentence and keep reworking it over and over again almost mechanically. It happens. The mind just stops controlling the flow of words.

To counter that effect, I've tried to vary the pace of blogging as much as possible. Writing on the same subject over and over again can quickly exhaust my idea-tank and I start fumbling around for topics to cover. Naturally I've expanded the scope of this blog in the past by including more areas to cover. My cartoons are a good example of this change of pace. Drawing relaxes me. So when I do find that writing becomes a chore, I naturally post a cartoon or two. I've also tried to use humour occasionally with mixed success.

On the whole I'm not one of those people who can write volumes and volumes without ever running dry on inspiration. I don't even update this blog regularly. Regular readers would have noticed the slackening of pace frequently. As I've mentioned one of the reasons I decided to stop contributing to third-party websites without adequate compensation is the fact that I've really neglected this blog over a period fo time.

So what's this post in aid of? It's to ask you, the reader, for more ideas. I always want a fresh perspective on issues. Do you think there are any new subjects I should cover? Do you want to see more frequent updates or would you rather wait for a while to see a well-written, meaningful article? Do you prefer lengthier essays or shorter posts? Do post your thoughts and ideas here.

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