2011-12-10 HarishankarChanges to templates to include e-mail as a link master
2011-12-10 HarishankarAdded META-INFO to export template
2011-12-10 HarishankarAdded file filter for BiaCV files
2011-12-08 HarishankarFixed unicode issue
2011-12-08 HarishankarAdded Profile highlights as an additional field
2011-12-08 HarishankarNew export template for OpenOffice FODT added
2011-12-07 HarishankarUnicode support added for export
2011-12-07 HarishankarRemoved a hardcoded string from code
2011-12-07 HarishankarAdded "country" field to personal information tab
2011-12-07 HarishankarCorrected minor template errors
2011-12-07 HarishankarExport functionality completed
2011-12-07 HarishankarCompleted default XHTML template for exporter
2011-12-06 HarishankarAbout Box implemented + Application Icon
2011-12-06 HarishankarFile Exit and window closing event handled
2011-12-06 HarishankarFile Save As functionality implemented
2011-12-05 HarishankarFile open functionality implemented
2011-12-05 HarishankarSave UTF-8 support added
2011-12-05 HarishankarFile save function implemented
2011-12-04 HarishankarFile -> New action implemented
2011-12-04 HarishankarImplemented document save status flag
2011-12-04 HarishankarSeparate file for language strings
2011-12-02 HarishankarUpdate language in list
2011-12-02 HarishankarDelete language from list
2011-12-01 HarishankarAdd language implemented
2011-12-01 HarishankarUpdate skill set implemented
2011-12-01 HarishankarDelete skill set implemented
2011-12-01 HarishankarAdd skill set
2011-11-30 HarishankarUpdate professional history
2011-11-30 HarishankarDelete professional history item done
2011-11-30 HarishankarAdd professional qualification
2011-11-30 HarishankarUpdate educational qualifications completed
2011-11-30 HarishankarDelete education qualification from list
2011-11-30 HarishankarImplemented "add" for educational qualification
2011-11-30 HarishankarFirst commit