2010-12-01 HarishankarImplemented the search database exporting
2010-12-01 HarishankarImplemented additional files/folders adding
2010-11-30 HarishankarImplemented generating the individual articles
2010-11-30 HarishankarImplemented the category index pages exporting
2010-11-30 HarishankarWebsite exporter in progress - completed home page
2010-11-30 HarishankarAdded about box and application icon
2010-11-30 HarishankarAdd/remove files/folders in Site Generate dialog
2010-11-29 HarishankarCreated the site generate dialog
2010-11-29 HarishankarCompleted the template editing functionality
2010-11-29 HarishankarPartially implemented template editor
2010-11-29 HarishankarModified the template editing setup
2010-11-29 HarishankarAdded the template editor dialog
2010-11-29 HarishankarArticle editing fully implemented
2010-11-29 HarishankarArticle creating and deleting implemented
2010-11-28 HarishankarArticle dialog internals implemented
2010-11-28 HarishankarCode highlighting implemented
2010-11-28 HarishankarArticle dialog formatting controls implemented
2010-11-28 HarishankarArticle dialog implementation under progress
2010-11-27 HarishankarImplemented category delete and more
2010-11-27 HarishankarCategory editing implemented
2010-11-27 HarishankarSite configuration updating implemented
2010-11-27 HarishankarUI functionality added to main view
2010-11-27 HarishankarAdded the original images
2010-11-27 HarishankarResource file and enhanced article dialog
2010-11-26 HarishankarArticle dialog created
2010-11-26 HarishankarCategory creation completed
2010-11-26 HarishankarNew site functionality implemented
2010-11-25 HarishankarNew Site dialog implemented
2010-11-25 HarishankarAdded the Site Configuration dialog
2010-11-25 HarishankarAdded the Site Configuration dialog
2010-11-24 HarishankarFirst commit