Welcome to my personal website. The website has been divided into five sections (blog, reviews, articles, software and photos) for easy accessibility.

Quick site guide

  • You can find all my general opinion pieces, HOWTOs, original humour, comics and software-related essays on my blog Hari's Corner.
  • You can find all my reviews on books, television and movies on my reviews site. This site is not as frequently updated as my blog (well, rarely updated) but you can still subscribe to an RSS feed just like my blog if you're interested.
  • The Articles Wiki serves as a kind of repository as well as workshop for my articles and essays.
  • I also create random apps and utilities, mostly for *nix, released under a FOSS (Free Software) license. You can find some of them in my software pages.
  • Latest photos from my Flickr stream can be viewed in my photos page.

Created using Free Software

This site has been constructed and put together entirely using Free Software or Open Source utilities. I wrote the blog software (including its admin panel) on my own.
  • The static HTML pages and the simple PHP pages (the articles and the software section) have been created using Bluefish editor.
  • The articles section uses the PmWiki PHP-based Wiki app.
  • The blog has been coded from scratch entirely by me in PHP and SQLite as the database backend. I used the excellent Quanta Plus web development environment a while back, but now use Bluefish as my primary HTML and PHP editor.
  • The reviews site and its searchable index is plain HTML generated from BiaWeb, a static website CMS I wrote in Python. The mini search engine is a cgi script written in Python.
  • All web page graphical elements have been created using the gimp.
  • RSS feeds embedded in this site use MagpieRSS.


All the content found on this website, whether written articles or artwork belong to me. No derivative works are allowed whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. I grant no permission to any individual or organizations to take my work, wholly or in part and reproduce it in any form, whether in the print or electronic media. Please report any violations of my copyright to me directly (by commenting on my blog).