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Every Living Thing by James Herriot

Created: Tue Mar 23 11:56:43 2010 | Last modified: Tue Mar 23 11:56:43 2010

Rating: *********-

Every Living Thing

This is one of James Herriot's later works, drawing from his experiences as an established veterinary surgeon in rural Yorkshire. Like his earlier books, this one too brings out the freshness and charm of the Yorkshire Dales, the people, the animals and the fulfilling lifestyle of a busy country vet.

In this book, some of the older characters make a return but we are also introduced to a host of new characters including a very interesting assistant - Calum Buchanan and his range of exotic pets - and the variety of clients from dour, hardened farmers to frail old ladies.

As always James Herriot is very readable, exudes charm and good humour and is authoritative and genuine in what he writes. Although a lot of his stories are simple and sometimes repetitive in theme, you never feel bored or tired by his narration and that speaks a lot for the simple quality that shines from his writing.

All in all, a definite addition to the collection of any James Herriot fan.