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Full Circle by Henry Cecil

Created: Tue Mar 23 11:59:40 2010 | Last modified: Tue Mar 23 11:59:40 2010

Rating: *******---

Full Circle

An eminent professor of Roman Law and Jurisprudence falls and gets slightly knocked on the head when he is climbing off a train. Though not badly hurt and is otherwise normal, he develops the strange habit of telling convoluted stories related to the Law rather than delivering his normal lectures to his students. Very soon he is sent to a private institution and certified. What are the stories he tells to amuse his audiences and how does he come out of it all?

This is a very good book by Henry Cecil and its obviously a plot device to tell a flurry of humourous, bizarre and often convoluted stories relating to the Law. Sometimes it's a twist of fate or sometimes its a twist of Law. Sometimes tragic and sometimes comic, but never boring. This novel is quite a page-turner and every story is different and refreshing. There's almost an air of unreality surrounding this particular book. It's a bit like something out of the story of king Vikramaaditya and the strange ghost in the corpse.

I highly recommend this book to everybody. Be wary that once you pick it up you'll find it hard to put it down. Certainly a must-read for Henry Cecil fans and a good introduction to those who are new to him. His knowledge of the Law and how it works and the way he mingles reality with fantasy certainly adds a lot of flavour to his works and this book is no exception.

A definite thumbs up!