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The Three Gollies by Enid Blyton

Created: Sun Mar 21 13:08:13 2010 | Last modified: Sun Mar 21 13:08:13 2010

Rating: ******----

The Three Gollies

This is one of those really really simple books that kids below six or seven years of age can easily read and enjoy. Enid Blyton's creations have always had that innocent touch and 'The Three Gollies' are no exception to it. These are very short, enjoyable and simple fantasy stories involving the three Golliwogs, Wiggie, Waggie and Wollie. All three of them are exactly alike in appearance and most of the stories are built around this fact and the confusion caused by their similar appearances.

There is a charm and mystique about these little adventures that a child can really relate to and enjoy. Even now, I can afford to smile at them.

Enid Blyton's real talent lay in her ability to target a wide range of age groups and it shows in this book. This one is really meant for the six or seven years old range and it shows in the limited vocabulary, simple language and good, innocent fun and fantasy.