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Welcome to my articles repository. This will be a general and arbitary collection of several articles of mine, serving both as a repository for older essays, and a workshop/testing area for new articles or ideas. I plan to use section mainly for drafting new articles as well as creating content that doesn't fit into the scheme of things with my blog or reviews. Some of these may be in a permanent WIP.

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All the articles are my own content and copyright by me. They may not be reproduced in any form whatsoever, for either commercial or non-commercial use without my explicit permission.

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Articles site rebooted


We've come a full circle. I'm rebooting my articles website using my older CMS. This site should be simpler to maintain for me, since I really don't need a wiki. I think this older, basic CMS of mine is well suited to the task. All the older articles are still here in their respective categories, but the URLs have changed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.