Hari's Software

A small collection of my apps and scripts

Here you can download any of my *nix scripts and utilities. All of them, unless otherwise stated, are licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.0 or above. Note that I offer very limited support for them and make no guarantees etc. etc. as to their suitability for any purpose. All of them are hobby projects created in my spare time for my own programming pleasure and use, but you might find them useful too.

You can also browse some of my active/current/defunct projects from my git repository.

Note to Package Maintainers

If you wish to add any of my utilities to your favourite Linux distribution's package repository, please feel free to take the code and modify it as you see fit. So long as you don't violate the GPL terms and conditions, you're free to do what you wish with it.. If you do include my apps in any Linux distribution's official or unofficial repository, I request you let me know about it.


BiaDVDBurn is a simple GUI front-end to growisofs, part of the dvd+rw-tools suite. Rather a simple interface, BiaDVDBurn does not encapsulate the features of genisomage and is limited to handling pre-mastered ISO images.
Platform: Linux/*nix [Python >= 2.5 with PyGTK >= 2.16]
BiaGen is a simple GUI front-end to genisoimage, part of the cdrkit suite.
Platform Linux/*nix [Python >= 2.5 with PyGTK >= 2.16]
A Mencoder GUI wrapper in Python/Tkinter. Why another GUI for Mencoder? Because I found the Mencoder command line rather laborious and most of the pretty video-encoding GUIs to be too simplistic. Supports saving/loading profiles for saving different settings for different video formats.
Platform: Cross Platform [Python >= 2.5 using Tkinter]
BiaWeb Qt
A GUI static website content manager that uses SQLite as a backend and exports a pure HTML website. Written in Python and Qt 4.
Platform: Cross platform/UNIX-like [Python >= 2.6 using PyQt4]
A simple interactive command line DVD ripping and any-to-MP4 video conversion tool using mencoder and ffmpeg.
Platform: Cross platform/UNIX-like (untested in Windows) [Python >= 2.6]
A very lightweight comic blogging system written in PHP. Uses no databases and no admin panel - nothing but a simple configuration file and a folder where you drop in all your comics. LiteDoodle will automatically generate a fully navigable website with back/forward buttons for your comics sorted by date and an archive page.
Platform: Cross Platform (PHP 4.4/5.x)
A simple Unicode (UTF-8) text editor for keying in text files in Tamil language. Uses an intuitive phonetic keymap (explained in the accompanying ReadMe) which converts the English letters you type to Tamil Unicode characters.
Platform: Cross Platform (Python >= 2.5 using PyQt4)
An APT configuration GUI for Debian and Debian based systems. Does not directly touch any system file but allows you to export a valid configuration file which you can then review and copy over manually to /etc/apt/apt.conf.
Platform: Debian/Debian based (Python >= 2.5 using PyQt4)