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Geeky and Meeky 5 - Booting problems

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Posted on Mon, May 7, 2007 at 09:06 IST (last updated: Thu, May 7, 2009 @ 21:24 IST)

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Here's my next Geeky and Meeky cartoon. I've entitled it Booting problems. Hope you enjoy it.

Geeky and Meeky - Booting problems

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4 comment(s)

  1. Meeky's muscled up a bit! funny.. :grin:

    Comment by titanium (visitor) on Mon, May 7, 2007 @ 15:08 IST #
  2. It's not the same two guys every time. I try to vary it a bit. :smile:

    Comment by hari (blog owner) on Mon, May 7, 2007 @ 16:24 IST #
  3. Nice take on "booting".

    Comment by RT Cunningham (visitor) on Mon, May 7, 2007 @ 16:59 IST #
  4. Thanks, RT. I just get these ideas from time to time.

    Comment by hari (blog owner) on Mon, May 7, 2007 @ 19:07 IST #

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