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Obscure web discoveries - 1

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Posted on Fri, Nov 9, 2007 at 20:06 IST (last updated: Thu, May 7, 2009 @ 21:38 IST)

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I am going to start a new series called "obscure web discoveries." If this works out and I find interesting, but very obscure websites hidden away in the deep archives of search engines, I will try to highlight them here. I also request my blogging friends to help me with this. I am not going to point out to obvious websites or well-known domains, but if you can find some deeply buried story/article in a well-known website where the URL is non-obvious, I will post a link here.

You can send me links either through e-mail or by commenting on this post and I will include them in the next edition if I find it compelling or unique enough to warrant comment.

So, on to the first edition. I've been interested in German history, particularly the period during and immediately after World War II. This led me to research quite deeply into certain interesting, but historically insignificant events (in the larger context) of the time. One such is the German resistance movement to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi rule culminating in the fateful assassination attempt of July 20th 1944. Had Hitler been killed at the time, it is conceivable that the War might have been brought to an earlier and less barbaric end. However, as we wonder at what might have been, I found this site by accident, searching for an image of Ludwig Beck (the chief opponent and leader of the resistance movement).

The story of the German resistance to Hitler

Yes, I know the website is hosted on Geocities and is extremely old-school ;) but it is quite well written and comprehensive. The language is a bit informal and unusual in places (as written by one who's first language is probably not English), but for the most part, it is accurate. Hope you find it interesting as well!

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  1. Good find! History always tends to get broken down into the "main points" and it's good to see the events surrounding those events.

    Comment by Ray (visitor) on Sun, Nov 11, 2007 @ 14:55 IST #
  2. Ray, thanks. On the same broad subject, I'll also be reviewing that book about the Nuremberg trials soon as I've finished reading it.

    Comment by hari (blog owner) on Sun, Nov 11, 2007 @ 16:02 IST #
  3. Test rating comment.

    Comment by hari (blog owner) on Mon, Nov 12, 2007 @ 11:33 IST #

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