2020-05-26 - added Section for customization and notes master
2020-05-26 HarishankarMinor fix:
2020-05-26 completed
2020-05-26 updates
2020-05-26 Harishankar VAdd LICENSE
2020-05-26 updates
2020-05-26 HarishankarMore updates
2020-05-26 HarishankarUpdates to
2020-05-26 HarishankarMerge branch 'master' of
2020-05-26 updates
2020-05-26 HarishankarStarted work on the file
2020-05-26 HarishankarStarted work on the file
2020-05-26 HarishankarMinor Fix: Fixed bug for MAX_RSS_FEED
2020-05-24 HarishankarMinor fix: fixed the link text in NavigationBit generation
2020-05-23 HarishankarRefactored DocListItem to take Document in constructor
2020-05-22 HarishankarCheck added for symlink - to avoid symlinks in the...
2020-05-22 HarishankarMinor change - fixed program args string
2020-05-22 HarishankarMade site template mobile friendly and added title...
2020-05-22 HarishankarAdded RSS feed to each category
2020-05-22 HarishankarProgram now takes options instead of hardcoded inputs
2020-05-22 HarishankarReplaced cmake with scons
2020-05-21 HarishankarMinor change to CMakeLists.txt
2020-05-21 HarishankarAdded some template changes - Document List now shows...
2020-05-21 HarishankarRefactored template loading to its own class for perfor...
2020-05-21 HarishankarSeparated the strings used for document tree generation...
2020-05-20 HarishankarAdded Navigation bit to the top of documents for the...
2020-05-20 HarishankarIncluded functionality to describe the document in...
2020-05-19 HarishankarChanged the rendering code for templating output
2020-05-19 HarishankarFunctionality for generating website completed
2020-05-18 HarishankarTree Website generation implemented
2020-05-16 HarishankarAdded summary to the document tree index
2020-05-16 HarishankarDocument tree generation to HTML output completed
2020-05-16 HarishankarCleaned up the generation of document tree index
2020-05-15 HarishankarFirst Commit