2018-11-01 HarishankarImplemented the setLineText helper function master
2018-10-26 HarishankarAdd Education button programmed
2018-10-26 HarishankarStarted work on the Education page
2018-10-26 HarishankarAdded Contact No and Email
2018-10-25 HarishankarAdded Address for communication
2018-10-24 HarishankarChanged Age to Date of Birth
2018-10-24 HarishankarBasic details page connected signals
2018-10-24 HarishankarMade resource management
2018-10-24 HarishankarRemoved the executable from tracking
2018-10-24 HarishankarImplementing some basic getters/setters
2018-10-23 HarishankarInitial Commit