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Programming in Matlab by Marc E. Herniter

Created: Sat Mar 20 16:19:29 2010 | Last modified: Sat Mar 20 16:19:29 2010

Rating: ******----

Programming in MatLab

Matlab is one of those programming languages that are very useful to engineering students, engineers as well as mathematicians and scientists. Matlab allows you to model mathematical simulations of various engineering problems and is a very useful tool in visualizing many of the complex control systems which are peculiar to the engineering world.

"Programming in Matlab" is an introductory course in Matlab written by Marc E. Herniter. While this book focusses on the Matlab programming languages, it is also full of examples as applied to simple engineering and mathematical problems that are suitable at a high school level. This book is intended to teach Matlab and only Matlab. As a result this book is *not* meant for people looking out to learn the really "powerful" features of Matlab.

On the whole, this book is a suitable introductory course in Matlab. While Engineering students would find this book useful to learn Matlab as a computer language, it does not go deeper into real-world problem solving which is the real power of Matlab. Also, this book does not cover "Simulink" which is really the meat of the Engineering and scientific aspect of this program, so its usefulness is limited to the beginners and those wishing an easy introduction to Matlab. I found this book very useful and very helpful if you are new to Matlab. Once you learn the basics, this book has served its purpose and you would need to learn the actual tools that come with Matlab which make it really useful. Because the author intends this book only to teach the "Matlab" programming language, this book does not go into the real-world problem solving area of Matlab.

Good, useful book for those seeking an initiation into the wonderful world of the Matlab programming tool.