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BiaDVDBurn is a simple graphical front-end to growisofs written in Python and GTK. While not providing the full interface to genisoimage, this tool simply encapsulates the functionality to burn a pre-mastered ISO image to a DVD.

The reason I created this tool is because I often find the more sophisticated GUIs trying to be too smart and fail when the back-end tool works fine when invoked from the command line. This tool is dumb enough just to invoke growisofs directly and just acts as a conduit for the command line switches acting more a convenience tool than a full-featured GUI.




Download & Usage

Python source code: BiaDVDburn.tar.gz (19.16 kB)

No installation is necessary or provided. To use, simply extract the tar.gz file in any directory, chdir to the directory and invoke from the command line as follows:

python biadvdburn

To execute as a script, set it as executable

chmod +x biadvdburn