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LiteDoodle is a lightweight, but reasonably configurable PHP blog system for a comics website. It uses no admin panels, no MySQL databases; nothing but a folder filled with JPG, PNG or GIF images and a configuration file. It autogenerates the comic navigation sorted by file modification date (using the popular "First", "Previous", "Next", "Latest" links), a simple archive page, user commenting on individual comics with spam-protection and an RSS feed for updates.

It is NOT meant to be yet another feature rich image gallery bloatware, generating hundreds of thumbnails, tags, albums and sub-albums. It is meant for small comics-focussed websites, but obviously you can use it for any kind of simple image-driven website too. Because it is simple PHP code, it is also easily extensible and I encourage you to adapt/extend it to your own needs if you care to use it.

A few people in comics communities have already found my script very useful and have commented positively on it, so I request you to leave behind a small link to this page so that others can find it and benefit from it too.


All you need is a web-server (Apache preferred - any shared web hosting provider will do) with PHP 4/5 support. I developed it with PHP 5, but as far as I know, I've not used any PHP 5 specific functions or features, so it should work on any host with PHP 4 support as well.

Download & Installation

Download ZIP archive: LiteDoodle.zip (24.72 kB)

For installation and usage instructions refer to the install-readme.html provided with the archive.