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Qaptan (pronounced "captain") is a front-end to simplify the process of configuring APT, the higher level package management system of Debian and Debian-based distributions. Be warned though! This is a powerful GUI that exposes a lot of internal settings of APT that can potentially break your OS installation!

99% of ordinary users will NOT need to touch these settings, but if you do, please be sure to read the manual pages for apt.conf and APT related tools like apt-get, apt-cdrom and apt-cache thoroughly! When in doubt, always export only those settings which you are sure you want to change.

Usage tips/notes


main settings apt-get settings cdrom settings
cache settings download settings debug settings


Download & Installation

Python distutils source package: Qaptan-1.01.tar.gz (18.63 kB)

Debian binary package:
(AMD64)qaptan_1.01-1_amd64.deb (21.48 kB)
(i386) qaptan_1.01-1_i386.deb (21.46 kB)

Installing the distutils source package

Extract the tar.gz into any folder and execute the setup script as root:

python setup.py install

Alternatively you can simply run the script from you extracted it without installing.

Installing the Debian binary package

From the location where you downloaded execute the dpkg command as root:

dpkg -i qaptan_1.01-1_amd64.deb

Ensure that the dependencies are met before executing the dpkg command or it will fail.