descriptionA crossword puzzle creator and player
last changeSun, 12 Dec 2010 14:37:29 +0000 (20:07 +0530)
2010-12-12 HarishankarAdded check for non-alphabetic words master
2010-12-10 HarishankarFixed the problem of focus changing on arrow key
2010-12-08 HarishankarChanged input method for keyboard
2010-12-08 HarishankarSmall UI improvements
2010-12-08 HarishankarMinor correction in icon image
2010-12-08 HarishankarAdded an icon and about dialog to player app
2010-12-08 HarishankarImplemented saving open puzzle in player
2010-12-08 HarishankarImplemented opening a puzzle
2010-12-08 HarishankarClear grid and verify solution implemented
2010-12-08 HarishankarImplemented the reveal/hide solution functionality
2010-12-07 HarishankarAdded the "reveal word" functionality
2010-12-07 HarishankarAdded functionality to across and down clues list
2010-12-07 HarishankarImplemented typing in grid, including typing modes
2010-12-07 HarishankarAdded exception handling to opening file in player
2010-12-07 HarishankarGrid focus and input mechanism underway
2010-12-06 HarishankarImplemented drawing the grid in player application
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