descriptionWordblah - a crossword puzzle maker and player written in C
last changeFri, 22 May 2020 14:24:17 +0000 (19:54 +0530)
2020-05-22 HarishankarMinor change: Added constant for strings master
2020-05-12 HarishankarImplemented encryption to obfuscate the grid in puzzle... 0.3a
2020-05-11 HarishankarFixed URL in license
2020-05-11 HarishankarFixed license
2020-05-11 HarishankarFixed the License in the About box to correct license
2020-05-11 HarishankarMinor fix to compiling with gcc and gcc related warning 0.2a
2020-05-11 HarishankarUpdated the README.html file 0.1a
2020-05-11 HarishankarMerge branch 'master' of iniz:/home/hari/repos/wordblah
2020-05-11 HarishankarAdded README.html file
2020-05-11 HarishankarAdded README.html file
2020-05-11 HarishankarAdded LICENSE.txt for licensing under 3 clause BSD...
2020-05-11 HarishankarFixed error handling for loading puzzle or grid state
2020-05-11 HarishankarCheck for invalid puzzle file added
2020-05-10 HarishankarChanged the encoding function to use the OpenSSL EVP_En...
2020-05-09 HarishankarRenamed the project to Wordblah from wordblox
2020-05-09 HarishankarSave and load grid state functionality implemented
2 months ago 0.3a
2 months ago 0.2a
2 months ago 0.1a 0.1-alpha
7 weeks ago master